Power Talk

Power Talk

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download Power Talk – Using Language to Build Authority and Influence

ine the speech conventions of our world—the sociology of language—as a means to understanding, competence, and control. Such a behind-the-scenes view complicates understanding, but it also creates intentional (and thus more effective) speech choices. Think of the photocopying machine in the back office. You know how to make copies. But if you know something more—how it works, how to change the toner, how to clear a jam—you have real control of the tool. A higher level of understanding puts you ahead of the guy who only knows how to hit the print button. Understanding speech styles and the forces that affect those styles is an advantage in the workplace far beyond what you get from fixing a back office machine. It can give you thirty seconds more airtime in a meeting, help you stave off the assaults others make on your speech moments, build your authority, and enhance your credibility and impact.


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