China’s New Confucianism Daniel A Bell

China’s New Confucianism Daniel A Bell

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China’s New Confucianism Daniel A Bell

What is it like to be a Westerner teaching political philosophy in an officially Marxist state? Why do Chinese sex workers sing karaoke with their customers? And why do some Communist Party cadres get promoted if they care for their elderly parents? In this entertaining and illuminating book, one of the few Westerners to teach at a Chinese university draws on his personal experiences to paint an unexpected portrait of a society undergoing faster and more sweeping changes than anywhere else on earth. With a storyteller’s eye for detail, Daniel Bell observes the rituals, routines, and tensions of daily life in China. China’s New Confucianism makes the case that as the nation retreats from communism, it is embracing a new Confucianism that offers a compelling alternative to Western liberalism.

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